Supply and demand trading is an approach used by consistently profitable traders to find high probability trading opportunities by identifying levels or zones where large institutions are going to be placing large orders. An accumulation of institutional orders creates a significant shift in the balance of buy and sell orders at that level, thereby causing price to either significantly retrace or to resume a longer term trend in the opposite direction once price hits that level.

Through identification of such zones on a chart and quantifying the degree of imbalance present, we can place our own limit orders just in front of where we expect large institutions to be doing exactly the same thing. This allows us to trade in the same direction as the large institutions, massively increasing our odds of consistent profitability.

Zone-Trader tutor is a Meta-trader 4 expert adviser that was specifically designed to identify, filter and displays supply and demand zones from different time frames on a price chart so they can be most effectively used in assisting us with our trading. More importantly, the expert adviser can also be used to auto-trade strategies combining these filters with other criteria including values of technical indicators (such as RSI and Bollinger Bands), recent price action, exit strategies and risk management. The expert adviser takes care of all aspects of the trade, including position sizing, setting targets, setting stop-loss orders and risk management.

Through doing all this, the expert adviser can become our own personal Forex trading tutor, guiding us through the complexities of trading the markets, demonstrating how to identify and then trade new strategies based on institutional orders.

The expert adviser enables a huge range of alternative strategies across multiple currency pairs for both short and long term trading and is being continuously enhanced to add new filters and criteria that will enhance its performance and generate new strategies as further insights into identifying high probability trades from supply and demand are established.

If you are interested in this way of trading and using Zone-Trader tutor for either manual or automated trading and do not yet have possession of the Zone Trader Tutor Expert Advisor, more information and details for accessing the expert adviser can be found at letmebefree.com.